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Hi! I'm Morgan Flatt, a mixed media artist residing in Chicago. Utilizing my creative intuition as well as my business education from the University of Alabama, I sell hand crafted wood art online and am often contracted as a photographer.


Passionate, optimistic, and wildly curious, I feel most exhilarated when I leave my comfort zone to explore the unknown. Multitasking is my forte; I thrive in situations of organized chaos.  

I have hands that want to draw, create, build, and make, and a brain that constantly overflows with big ideas and visual concepts. My eternal 'idea mode' only turns off during my meditation practice. Most days you'll find me woodworking, painting, making DIY projects, listening to live music, or smiling at strangers on the street. 

While my portfolio includes past works of art, photography, and graphic design, my intentions to create go far beyond tangible art. I'm currently seeking employment with a company whose values align with my own, and is as eager as I am to produce unique content that captivates consumers and creates a bigger-than-ever impact. 

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