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"Bandroom Skeleton"

Commissioned by Phi Delta Theta

12' x 3'

Acrylic paint on cinderblock

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

May 2015

"Retro Owl"

Commissioned by Sigma Pi Alabama

12' x 7'

Acrylic paint on cinderblock

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

February 2016

"Shan State Memories"

Gifted to Shan Maw, restaurant owner + friend. Inspired by elements of her home land, Shan.  

Acrylic paint on drywall

San Chaung, Yangon, Myanmar

April 2018

"Open Your Mind"

Ostello Bello Mandalay

3' x 4'


Acrylic paint on drywall

Mandalay, Myanmar

April 2018

"Will Paint for Kombucha"

Umbrella Cafe welcomes artists fondly 

Collaboration piece with various travelers

Acrylic paint on hard board

Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal

April 2018

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